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Still so very lazy at updating here. XD Dear God. Anyways, what has happened since last entry:

1) Got into Obirin University with my friend for fall 2013 to fall 2014.

2) My average grade is still making me laugh because it's still ridiculous.

3) My thesis went quite well. It was on the topic of foreign fans view on Japanese idols, and I got a 9 (out of 10) for it which made me quite proud.

4) Recently fallen into the Sherlock fandom, and hard. I love that show. And I love Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch. It's embarrassing just how much of a Cumberbabe I've become. ._. Just.... those cheekbones and that face, and the voice I just ugh. Plus he's super adorable, just.... LOOK

And some more adorableness (and sexy) for you, focusing on his voice XD

"Woo-hoo." kills me every time. XD I just EUGH. I guess it's obvious how much of a fangirl I've become XD


Also, if some of my followers have a tumblr, would you tell me? :D I'd love to have more lj friends as friends on tumblr :3

EDIT: I could literally listen to this for days. Pants are forever ruined.

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God, I'm so lazy at updating here. XD

Well, life so far: 

1) last semester in Iceland
2) applied for 3 schools in the Tokyo area: Obirin, Tokai and Gakushuin. Cannot wait to know which school I'll be accepted!
3) My average grade for university makes me laugh because it's ridiculous. XD
4) Starting my final essay this semester!

I'll do my best!
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Happy new year, everyone ♥

I hope the new year brings you all happiness and success in all you do. <3 
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Applying for scholarship + exchange program at Japanese universities :3 

My top choice of partner-universities is Oberlin University, then comes Tokai and Gakushuin. 


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Did someone download the DVD from hachiarashi and managed to open the 2nd disc?

I neeeeed help ToT Mine keeps saying "wrong password"

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So many people going crazy over Nino's new hairstyle...

...and I'm all chillax'd. XD

In reality, I don't particularly mind. I know I'll probably end up thinking he looks cute with it, even though it looks like a bad dye job now. XP

(*inserts image from tumblr where he looks adorable*)

So, it's for a 24 hr TV drama special called 車イスで僕は空を飛ぶ (I will fly to the sky in my wheelchair). I respect that Nino dyed his hair for the role, despite it looking rather strange (for now), because that shows that he is taking it seriously. Just like the time where he had to shave his head for Sukoshi wa, Ongaeshi ga Dekita kana.

Can't wait to read more on the drama SP itself!
and see the hair in action XD
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Confirmation of Nerdyness

Seriously. Sometimes, my own brain boggles me.

So, last week our teacher had the 1st year take JLPT level 4 exam, an old one, just for fun. I was, of course, the nerd grabbing 393 points out of 400. *cough*To be fair, it was way too easy.

Anywho, my darling teacher asked me to step out of the classroom during recess and asked me what I felt about taking an old level 2 exam, together with one student from the 2nd year who she felt had potential to do somewhat good on it.

She was curious as to what score we might get. I told her that there was no way I'd manage to pass a level 2 one, but she felt that I could do well on the vocabulary part so I said yes. Said test was on Thursday this week. It was really hard, and I knew it would be hard. XD But I did the best I could and answered to my best knowledge, which is not bad. I got the score yesterday.

........................ I PASSED IT. Like, WTF. Seriously? I think I stared for the test for like minutes all "............... you're joking me right?" I. Passed. Level. 2. LEVEL 2. (albeit only got 280 out of 400 points) :| How the hell did I do it?

I just... I just want to thank Arashi. XD If I hadn't watched them I wouldn't have learned enough random crap to pass level 2. :| Holy crap. :|

Seriously. :|
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Happy new year!

Gleðilegt nýtt ár!! A happy new year!! 明けましておめでとう!!

Another year of fangirling, Japanese, university and awesome <3
I hope everyone's new year will bring you joy!